He was a friend of my childhood. I met this boy the first time in the school when I was six years old. He sat next to me in class.
He was blond, thin and very tall. He was a nice and funny boy. He liked playing football and basketball but he didn't like tennis and other sports.
What I admired about him was his unconditional firendship. I didn't learn anything from him because I was too small.
I would like to see him again and speak with him about our lives, and play football with him.

My favourite hobby

I started to play tennis when I was seven years old, because I like this sport a lot. At first, it was very difficult, I didn't bang the ball.
But after a time I began to play better and I could play matches and tournaments.
Now I think I play well and I play every weekend and also sometimes with my friends. But I want to play more time and participate in tournaments in Granada.

The three pigs

Once upon a time there were three pigs. They wanted to build three houses. The first of them built a straw house. The second one built a wood house. The last of them built a brick house.
Then, a wolf appeared and wanted to eat the three pigs. They were very frightened. First the wolf blew down the straw house and the wood house. But the wolf couldn't blow down the brick house. He wanted to enter through the fireplace, but there was fire and he burnt himself.