Description of a friend

He is Juan. I met him when I was nine years old. He was in my uncle´s house for Christmas day. He is an old men and he is more than sixty years. He has white hair but he is strong and big.
Juan is a very good person and his heart is very big. When I was ten years old I visited him for two weeks and he visited the Torcal of Antequera, Tivoli and other things with me. I admire his moral values, responsability and his friendship. I learnt many things from him for example his generosity. I would like to see him soon.

This is the history of three pigs.

One day the pig bigger made a hut. The hut was weak. The medium brother made a wooden hut and the small brother was much hard-working than the other brothers and he made a strong hut. This hut was very resistant.

When the huts were made the wolf arrived and he demolished the hut weaker. The bigger pig ran towards her brother´s hut to take refuge. Another day the wolf arrived at the second hut and he demolished the hut too. The brothers ran to take refuge.

Finally, the wolf arrived at the last hut but he didn´t demolish the house because it was very strong.