NO borréis lo anterior


The three little pigs were brothers.They decided to make three houses.
First,a pig made his house of straw.
Next another pig made his house of wood.
These pigs were very lazy.
Finally,the other pig made his house with cement and bricks. This pig was not lazy.
The pigs went to play when suddenly a wolf arrived.The pigs went back to their houses quickly.
The wolf went to the house made of straw.The wolf blew and blew and he demolished the house.
The pig went to his brother's house.The wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down.
The two little pigs went to their brother's house.The wolf blew and blew but he couldn't demolish it.The wolf decided to enter in the house through the chimney.The three little pigs made some fire.Then the wolf got burnt and he went forever