He is Andres and he's 19 years old! The first time that I saw him and I met him, it was summer, five years ago! I was 12 years old and I was at the beach with my family. I was surprised because he swam very well. When I talked to him, he told me that he was swimming since he was 3 years old in a private swimming pool in Barcelona! He lives there! This is his more important hobby. Also, he likes cycling, basketball and athletics. He loves travelling and meeting new friends.He is a very handsome boy, tall and thin. He has brown hair and green eyes. He is very nice and fun. Those days that I was with him at the beach I had a very good time. Alberto came to my house with his family. We were here one week approximately, but I haven't seen them any more. Sometimes, we talk on the phone...and he will come to see me this summer!!!

The three little pigs grew and their mother said to them that they must build a house for themselves. A first little pig, took some straw to build his house. He was very happy with his new house, because he thought the wolf wouldn't catch him. The second little pig built his house with some sticks. Next, the third little pig caught some bricks to build the house! It took him a long time to build it, because it was a very strong house. He was very happy with his house too.
One day, the wolf was in the forest, and the three little pigs ran inside their houses. The wolf went to the first little pig´s house and he blew and puffed, and the house of straw fell down. The little pig ran to his brother´s house. Then, the wolf went to the second house, and he blew and puffed, and the house of sticks fell down, too. The pigs went to the third little pig´s house. Later, the wolf ran until this house to eat the three little pigs, and he blew and puffed, but the house didn´t fell down. The pigs saw the wolf was climbing on top of the roof, to come down their chimney. They put a big pot of water on the fire, and the wolf felt into the pot, and he died! This is the end of the story of the three little pigs!!

- - THE END - -